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leaf button How to Plant and Maintain Trees
How to Plant a Tree...

How to Prune a Tree...

How to Plant a Sapling...

Definitions of Terms

Maintaining Trees — from Indiana DNR

Planting a Treefrom caseytrees.org

Pruning Shade Trees in Landscapesfrom the Univ. of Florida

Tree Plantingfrom Indiana DNR

Tree Planting and Care — from Indiana DNR

Tree Planting Guidelines for Balled and Burlapped Treesfrom International Society of Arboriculture

How to Plant A Tree — from Tree Lafayette

Video of How to Plant a Tree — from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.

leaf button Identifying Trees

Large Trees, from the U.S. Forest Service, Dept. of Agriculture

The Large Tree Argument

Why We Need Large Trees

A Basic Guide to Tree Identification

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leaf button Safety and Trees

Landscape Improvement Impacts on Roadside Safety in Texas

Safe Streets, Livable Streets

Urban Trees and Traffic Safety

leaf button Powerpoint Presentation for School Classes
High school students and college attached by Laura Wright
Gobal Warming Powerpoint for junior & senior high schools
by Ashley McGrew, is a sophomore at McCutcheon High School Green Team
3rd Grade Teaching Powerpoint by Dave Rest and Suzie Philyaw
3rd Grade Teaching Powerpoint by Laura Wright

leaf button Other Useful Links



Health Benefits of Trees, University of Washington

Convert Latin Names of plants to Common Names

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Federal Technical Guide to Urban and Community Forestry

Going Green — Urban Forestry and Human Benefits

How to Mulch — from the International Association of Arborists

Top Ten Myths of Tree Care
from the International Association of Arborists

Tree Benefits Calculator - Here you can enter information about a tree in your own front yard and learn about the specific benefits that tree provides. This calculator is based on the STRATUM-Street Management Tool for Urban Forest Managers. It was developed by researchers at the USDA Forest Service Center.

Trees Make a Difference

What Makes a Community Livable — Healthy trees contribute to Healthier Communities! Federal research has shown trees planted in cities are very valuable in combating global warming and the heat island effect. A mature tree will remove 60 to 70 times more pollution than a small tree.  Properly planted trees significantly reduce residential heating and cooling costs, clean pollutants from the air and soak up storm water run off by slowing the flow into storm sewers and other drainage systems. These benefits can add up to billions of dollars saved on city infrastructures and are priceless when it comes to people's mental and physical health!

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